Watson's Tree Service


Our firewood is well - seasoned and split in uniform sections.  Cooking, campfire, or heating your home, Watson's seasoned wood is perfect for any occasion!  The wood lengths are between 14" - 18".  We sell our firewood by the skid (which is approximately a rank), 1/2 cord, and full cord.  The minimum amount for delivery is a 1/2 cord plus a delivery fee based on your location.  Feel free to pick up any amount, but you might want to bring a friend to help you load it on your truck or trailer!

In case this information is new to you, this might help you visualize the amounts we sell.  A skid is 3 stacked rows on a pallet that has approximately 30 pieces per row.  A 1/2 cord stacked is 4' x 4' x 4', while a full cord stacked is 4' x 4' x 8'. 

We sell a mix of hardwoods which includes a variety of oak, ash, locust, hickory, cherry, apple and hard maple.  Great way to efficiently heat your home with a wood burning stove or get cozy and enjoy the relaxing sound in your fireplace. 

All oak, cherry, or hickory is available to purchase as well.  Oak burns the hottest and since it is such a dense wood, once it is split and seasoned it can burn for a very long time.  Great way to save on the cost of utilities!  Cherry wood burns hot as well and gives off a nice aroma.  Hickory burns at high heat levels and is great for cooking.

If you are are just looking for some odds and ends pieces, not split in uniform sections, we have chunk wood available for at reasonable rate.  These chunks work well for wood burning stoves too, it just depends on what size the opening is, so make sure you measure.

Let us know if need a certain special length.  We can cut any size or shape you need.