Watson's Tree Service


We have a variety of soils to fit your needs.  Whether you are filling in large holes or ruts, growing grass, or planting a vegetable or flower garden - Watson's has the right soil mix for you.  Watson's shreds and screens all of our soil to rid the material of rocks and debris.

Sandy loam topsoil is available for a variety of uses.  While it is rich enough to grow grass, it also is a dense mix that could be used for building up retaining walls or filling in a swimming pool.  If you have had septic repair or any kind of excavating work done on your property, this soil would be perfect. 

Our topsoil is high in nutrients and is exceptional for growing grass, plants, and flowers.  It is shredded and screened under proper climate conditions to create the right consistency.   

Use our topsoil with compost mixture to grow robust vegetables and gorgeous flowers.  Whether you are starting fresh or tilling your existing area, add a layer of our soil.

We also have our straight organic compost available as well.  If your existing soil is very dry and sandy, this is a good way to enrich the area and prepare for planting. 

The options are endless.  If you don't see exactly what you are looking for, give us a call!  Since we manufacture our soil on site, we can create any custom mix to fit your needs.  We can develop the perfect blend for you. 

Our soil is trusted for many specialty applications and we are the trusted supplier for specific golf course soil mixes.